After the Pain…

After the Pain…

    After the pain, I learned to see life for what it is and accept the things I cannot change (especially people). Focusing on the glass being half empty would always keep me in a lack mindset. I started chasing away those negative thoughts with positive ideas. Overthinking every aspect of my life was a normal part of my day, I didn’t like it because it always stressed me out. What was I really doing by overthinking? Playing possible scenarios in my head, things so far fetched, then I’d create this outcome that would not go in my favor. The idea of me being happy or successful scared me because I didn’t deserve those moments, if my mind had any say so in the matter. I replayed the past failures like a movie I watched over and over and over again. Who would love me? How could I be successful? What did I know how to do besides being a mother? 
     As I’ve grown, I realized many people love me, including ME! I am successful, according to my own standards. I’m happy with who I’ve become and I’m climbing to new heights based on my own goals and not comparing my life to anybody else’s version of life. 
I do know how to do more than be a mother to my children, I’m an author! I wrote a collection of poems from my love life, it’s available now on Amazon 

If you don’t believe anything else I write, believe and hear this: You are so much stronger than you know. You can do better once you believe in yourself and DO NOT EVER give up on yourself! 
Repeat after me: I am a Light, My Shine Cannot be faded! I got this!

Celeste ♥️

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