Being Accountable

Being Accountable

It’s so easy to blame everyone else for where I ended up in life, they were the reason. I was not. For the longest time, I didn’t understand what it meant to be accountable for my own life. I lived for everyone else. Living for myself was a foreign concept. 
I had to figure out life on my terms. 
Childhood, I had no options. I was a child, my parents made the rules. As I got older, making my own decisions, I was the victim. The role I chose was to be the victim and allow everyone else to take the blame for my life. 
Truth, I made the decisions! People in my life were my choice. Choosing not to love or show feelings or emotions was my decision. My mind said if you don’t feel, you won’t get hurt. Not true. Still got hurt. 
Self reflection led me to understand my role in the broken relationships, the one sided friendships plus my ichoice to continually hold on to people even though I’d gotten burned by them in one way or another. My choices.

Holding myself accountable was like looking into a broken mirror, your reflection a shattered image of yourself. It took months for me to hold myself accountable. Many tears, thousands of words to my journal and poetry, and I became whole again. No longer a victim, now a lioness stepping out of the shadows and into the sun! 🥰

Ms Celeste Holloway

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