Creating who I want to be…

Creating who I want to be…

Our experiences in life define us during that timeframe, in that moment, that’s who you need to be to get through. After all is said and done, you choose to remain that version of yourself or create a new version. Life is one creating themselves based on the life they want to live, you find out which direction you want to take based on your perception of the situation. 

Examples: Let’s say the situation was traumatic. It’s only natural to be sad, angry and emotional after going through such a situation. After the amount of time you’ve taken to heal yourself, you can choose to become a happier version of you or choose to remain in heavier energies that cause you to take a glass half empty outlook on life. I chose both. I remained sad, broken for years. I crumbled mentally as a result. After taking the lower road, I decided to try to higher road. It felt good to smile again, TRULY LIVE life again. Allow myself to give and receive love again.

One of the hardest parts of recreating myself was learning to say NO, I had become so accustomed to saying yes even when I really wanted to say no that I didn’t know if I could stop. Today, I’m better at saying NO than I’ve ever been! Prioritizing myself. Thinking about my wants and needs above others. Selfish with me. Not people pleasing.

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