Skirt/Dress Season

Skirt/Dress Season

I personally love skirts and dresses but before starting my self love journey, I wouldn’t wear them much. Other people’s thoughts of me got into my head, affecting my own feelings of my body. I was too fat or my legs were too skinny to wear dresses or skirts. I wouldn’t even wear shorts in public. Learning to love my body has drastically changed my wardrobe & my thought process. My body is my very own, it’s the only one I have. Going through life hating your exterior makes days harder and longer. Allowing others to determine what I can and cannot do was exhausting, I needed to take my power back. It was time to become my own person, design my own version of happiness. Taking that long hard look in the mirror really opened my eyes.

It didn’t happen overnight; it took several months to cleanse myself of all the built-up negativity that resided within my mind. You can do it too!

Tools that helped me to start loving myself:




Positive Affirmations

Positive Reinforcements included pep talks with myself when I felt low (usually out loud)


Ms Celeste Holloway

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