The Sun Rises

No matter where you are, no matter the people around you: DO NOT PLAY SMALL! Do not attempt to make yourself invisible for anyone! Playing small won’t make things any easier, the situation doesn’t get better.
I transferred to a new city and I played small, made myself almost invisible just to make the transition easier. Big mistake. People will attempt to bully you and walk all over you if you play small. As history has shown, you will either be driven crazy by all their unnecessary drama or you will snap, crackle and be ready to pop off because you’ve had more than your limit of their bullshit. People are going to love you or they’re going to hate you. Either way, that’s their business. Don’t allow them to use or disrespect you. Being the new kid on the block, you will run into good people and bad people with volatile energy. Act accordingly. My goal: treat everyone with respect. Mind your own business and stay out the way. (In some cases, staying out of the way won’t even work because they come bringing drama to your work space.) I pray a lot at work. I meditate. I do my job until it’s time to go home. 

Be you. Be genuine. Stand firm in your position. Don’t come out of character for shady, shapeshifters that lack the mental capacity to understand who you are and underestimate your abilities. Work things out in a civil manner, involve a third party if necessary. One thing I’ve learned, misery loves company. I love alone time, so I can’t sit with y’all! There is a lesson in the midst of dark times. The sun will come out tomorrow, you will be stronger and wiser than you were before, be patient and prayerful. Light will come from those bleak times, our sun will rise again.
Keep Going 🥰

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