Our Story

Hello and Welcome to Chaotic Serenity Boutique. I’m Celeste Holloway, the owner of your new favorite boutique!

Chaotic Serenity Boutique brings ladies apparel, accessories and customized Chaotic Serenity logo prints to the world.

Chaotic Serenity Boutique was started with my vision, believing that all women have a right to feel comfortable and sexy in their bodies. I’ve seen many online boutiques with gorgeous pieces for smaller women and when it came to plus size pieces (if any were available at all), most of them were nothing more than basic pieces that were not versatile.

Our goal is to help women of all shapes and sizes embrace who they are and allow their inner GODDESSES to shine! No matter what happened in the past, focus on the now, be present and accept your special kind of sexy! The fashion industry set unrealistic standards of beauty, giving women doubts about themselves because they don’t look like or have shapes similar to models. Chaotic Serenity Boutique is here to change that mindset. In this Chaotic world, find your fashion Serenity...be your own unique kind of beautiful!


Celeste Holloway